It’s YOUR tee sheet. Control it.

There are a lot of ways to market your course, but many operators don’t have the time or expertise to understand just how to get new golfers onto their tee sheet. Third party aggregators are a common solution for the courses willing to settle for just having people on the grounds… But what are you losing when you make this exchange?

You’re already aware (and the NGCOA has confirmed) how detrimental third party practices can be. Protecting your course from these influences sounds daunting, but fortunately there are plenty of accessible solutions. The most effective way to avoid reliance on third parties is to market your course yourself.

Three ways to control your tee sheet

  • Advertising.

With the right service, your advertising efforts and spend can return a much higher ROI than any third-party aggregator can deliver. foreUP offers Ignite, a powerful service that optimizes your advertising to 100% per Google specifications, putting the power of reaching customers directly into your hands. Rather than keeping you chained to a third-party aggregator that holds back the information of your potential repeat customers, Ignite doesn’t pump the brakes. We hand you the keys, the fuel, and the map, so you can drive your ROI exactly where you want it – through the roof.

  • Marketing efforts.

Marketing and advertising are not the same thing, as any communications professional will tell you. Marketing your course is a full-time job, but it’s not something you want to hand over to a third party that will steal your customers. That’s why foreUP never markets to your customers on our own behalf. With beautiful, easily customizable email templates in drag-and-drop form that come pre-stocked with marketing and campaign ideas, foreUP equips you to reach your audience, your way. We’ll never interrupt your conversation with your guests. If your course needs support beyond emails that can be scheduled, triggered, automated, and segmented, foreUP Marketing Services is standing by to assist. Our full-service marketing service meets with your team, gets integrated with your calendar, and plans with you up-front about events, strategies, tactics, and activities to promote all your initiatives… with no alternative agenda.

  • Controlling tee time trades.

If you’re trading tee times, trade from your own tee sheet. Set clear parameters that are not allowed to be broken. Choosing a vendor that prioritizes your success and serves you rather than your customers will ensure you have a partner… not a competitor lurking in your system. Don’t let a third party market other courses to your customers, and be wary of what third party customers mean for your golf course.

The best way to run your business is to keep control over it. If you’re currently trading, check out a white paper written by foreUP CTO about how to protect yourself. 

Take control of your tee sheet with foreUP