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In the Press: foreUP Partners With Dynamic Pricing Tech Leaders

Lindon, Utah—foreUP Golf Technology has partnered with three leaders in dynamic pricing to allow their clients unprecedented control over their revenue streams and occupancy levels. The three companies are RevTechPlus, Priswing, and ORCA Report. A webinar featuring both partners and hosted by foreUP is set for December 5 at 10 am and will provide foreUP users with more information on how to manage their revenue through dynamic pricing and other strategies. To register, go HERE.

Revenue for your course

Each year as the cooler months set in, foreUP courses around the country experience natural declines in occupancy. To help combat this decrease in revenue, foreUP identified and partnered with dynamic pricing technology leaders so their clients can utilize strategic tools that work alongside foreUP’s tee sheet and point of sale platform.

Dynamic pricing uses complex algorithms and AI (artificial intelligence) to determine the ideal cost of a tee time each day of the year, boosting sales and bringing more people to the course.

RevTechPlus, owned and operated by former golf course operator Tom Barnhart, specializes in using weather prediction models to make an ideally-priced tee time for each day. Arnaud Zunz, CEO of Priswing, has drawn on his experience as CEO of a leading online tee times booking platform in developing modules to propose to business owners automated pricing recommendation based on historical sales and weather forecast.ORCA Report’s detailed reporting dashboard gives course operators the data they need to understand the impact and necessity of dynamic pricing.


“Tom Barnhart and his team at RevTech Plus are experts at golf revenue management,” says Kyle Spencer, Director of Partner Relations at foreUP. “They offer a slick tech tool that integrates perfectly into foreUP to allow automated dynamic pricing. Tom also is brilliant when it comes to coaching and advising on the whole revenue management aspect at a course.

“Priswing’s technology and algorithm allow for optimized pricing through foreUP’s open API. Priswing has an awesome dashboard where an operator can go in, set thresholds, and then let the technology do all the work that used to require countless hours of thinking, tweaking, and adjusting.

“ORCA Report is not a step behind either of these companies in the level of their technology. Though they don’t offer dynamic pricing, their robust reporting tools allow course operators to successfully make informed decisions about their revenue flow.”

Dynamic pricing is not a service offered by foreUP; rather, foreUP focuses on building strategic relationships that are designed to give courses access to all the tools they need and integrate them into one, simple platform for managing their course.