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In the Press: foreUP & GolfPay Partnership

Originally posted on The Golf Wire on September 26, 2019

foreUP Announces Partnership with GolfPay to Offer Free Webchat

Leading golf course management software developer foreUP has announced its partnership with GolfPay to bring customers next-level automation and communication.

pressReleaseImageTo kick off the partnership, GolfPay is giving foreUP clients its webchat bot absolutely free. GolfPay’s webchat bot is configured to the client’s presets during installation to provide customized answers for each resort using the product. Free webchat is an unlimited offer — clients are welcome to use the free feature indefinitely.

“When we can add efficiency and revenue generation to the value we bring our clients, we are succeeding”, says Evan Teshima, foreUP CEO and Co-founder. “GolfPay’s automated website chat is perfectly in line with these two goals, so I’m beyond thrilled to be able to give it away as a perk of being a foreUP user.”

Once webchat is installed on the client’s website, it can answer questions, book a tee time, and provide other communication 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without tying up staff. Rather than feeling out of touch for the 4 hours they’re out golfing, customers can order beverages, text or talk with the pro shop from anywhere on the course. Web chat also drives customer engagement to increase the number of reservations and overall revenue. GolfPay is integrated into the foreUP management system, so all interactions that come from GolfPay, including reservations, customers’ questions, orders, and payments move automatically into the foreUP POS system.

“Ultimately, it’s about delivering measurable results to our clients,” says Dale Merritt, CEO of GolfPay. That’s our obsession, and that’s what we do very well. The integration & partnership with foreUP align perfectly with those goals, so we’re excited about foreUP golf courses getting this offer!”

Activation is a simple process. The client is directed to foreUP’s in-software App Store and selects ‘Activate’ next to the GolfPay icon. Within 72 hours, a representative from GolfPay will contact the client with a questionnaire to customize their individual chatbot. Once your answers are submitted, the chatbot is installed. Web chat, which represents a $250/month value, is offered to foreUP clients free of charge.

“Using the GolfPay booking platform, we’ve definitely seen the younger, professional-type golfer come through”, says Matt Sipko, Head Golf Professional for The Courses at Watters Creek. “Even the existing customers, a lot of them are not calling like they used to and booking through GolfPay instead, which is great… that’s fewer calls and more time to do other things.”


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An extremely robust texting automation software, GolfPay makes it easier for golf courses to transact business directly with golfers. Designed to increase the number of transactions while decreasing the amount of time staff spends interacting with customers, GolfPay dramatically improves customer experience, increases revenue and number of reservations, and frees up staff to perform other important tasks. Learn more HERE.