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How Utah’s Only Female Head Pro is Bringing Youth to the Course

This article is based on an interview held with Darci Dehlin-Olsen, the Head PGA Pro at Glenmoor Golf Course and the only female Head Pro in the state of Utah. 

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Great customer experience and high-quality lessons are key. 

We’re lucky, at foreUP, to be in a position where we can speak with so many successful individuals in the golf community. We learn much from them–and not just about what technology they need to run their business.Today, we asked Darci some questions to help us learn what she’s doing to bring more youth to the course (and the game.)

Q. How did you get into golf?

Golf was a family thing for me. I am the youngest of 4 and all my siblings played and worked at Glenmoor. I never wanted to be left out. We have so many fun memories of golf tournaments, traveling, practicing etc. it was such a great way for our whole family to spend time and connect.

Q. When did you know you wanted to do this professionally?

I drew a picture of me as a golf pro in kindergarten for career day. I have always wanted to become a golf pro.

Q. What draws you to teaching/coaching?

I really enjoy teaching to get out on the course and away from the counter. I especially love watching my students improve and hit goals. I have great relationships with my students. We joke and laugh and enjoy our time spent.Darci Olsen_Youth Player Development Leader 2017_PGA Utah

Q. You’re very good at connecting with young people and getting them into golf. What advice do you have for other golf professionals to better connect with youth?

I just think about all the great golf professionals that we have in the state of Utah and how great they were to me as a youth player and now how great they are now to me as a fellow PGA member. I also think of how I want my daughter to be taught and see her progress and try to treat my students with the same level of concern and excitement.

Making someone feel special takes seconds, but they will remember forever. I want them to have fun and be sad that the lesson is over.

Q. You’ve worked with a few GMs/owners. What have they done that’s been most helpful in helping you develop your career?

They have given me tools to learn and currently I am given freedom to grow my junior program and other programs at Glenmoor. It’s fun! There is so much room for success when you have support and backing.

Q. Why do you feel there are so few female head pros in the industry?

Women only make up 3% of the total of PGA professionals is the country. There are not many of us. But that number is growing and the National PGA is making a big push to get more young women interested in joining the PGA of America.

Q. What do you think is the greatest challenge for women in golf?

I think we have the same challenges that men do. Starting at the bottom and working your way up is hard fo all PGA professionals both male and female. Most head professionals stay at a job until retirement. It’s all about putting in the time and increasing your personal resume as much as we can.Darci Olsen_Head PGA Pro_Youth Instructor

Q. What do you think is the greatest challenge of getting young people to the course?

The greatest challenge is that it is scary when you are a beginner and new to golf. PGA Jr league is one of the greatest programs that helps overcome this. Getting youth on the course and learning the basic rules, etiquette and getting them some on course experience and confidence is the best thing we can do!

Q. Many people are worried about the rising generation apparent loss of interest in golf. What are your thoughts on this concern?

I only see an increase. Our youth program just continues to grow. Golf is also a family sport! It’s perfect to get the family together! We as golf professionals keep trying to find ways to grow the game and get people out. Also with the addition of girls high school golf we have seen a big increase! We are just at the start of something huge!

About Darci Dehlin-Olsen:

Darci was featured in an article by local Utah station KSL. The article can be viewed on their website, HERE.

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