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How to Make Your Course a Go-To Golfing Destination

There are many factors that go into having a successful golf course. Players are looking for value, good course conditions and excellent service. The membership, the attentiveness of club staff and the facilities all contribute to whether or not players want to return.

Offer a Warm Welcome

Golfers start to form their impression before they reach your facility. Often, it’s possible to see the course, but harder to determine how to reach it. Invest in signs that clearly show where to turn off the main road to reach your location. Include signage that points first time visitors to the parking lot then leads them to the pro shop and bag drop.

If you a have a security gate, have gate employees call ahead with the visitor’s name so the pro shop attendant can greet them. Once they arrive, make sure it’s clear where to find the practice area.

Communicate About Course Conditions

If greens are undergoing maintenance, it’s better to let your players know before they begin their game. If you just aerated fairways, or if fairways are being treated for disease, some courses just hope players won’t notice. Players appreciate knowing what to expect and, if conditions interfere with play, being offered a discount.

Take Little Things Seriously

You can have state of the art facilities and top-notch staff, but for golfers to come back, they have to enjoy the course. Train staff to be constantly on the lookout for litter. Make sure tee markers point the golfer to the correct landing area and tee diagram signs are in like-new condition. Keep landscaping throughout the course tended and sidewalks around the facility clear of debris.

Emphasize Employee Friendliness and Respect

It’s hard to understand how anyone could be unfriendly when they get paid to be at a golf course, but employees feel work stress like everyone else. If guests don’t feel valued, they won’t return. Train leadership to promote and reward staff members who go out of their way to show courtesy. Allow management to dismiss employees who show anything less, because it’s better to be shorthanded than to keep staff members who are rude.

Improve Customer Service with Technology

Purchase tee time software that allows customers to book online whenever it fits with their schedule, so they can make a reservation even when no one is available to answer the phone.

Send automated tee time reminder emails so players don’t forget the game they signed up for or arrive late and disrupt scheduling.

Speed up food and beverage transactions with a golf point-of- sale (POS) system that helps servers work more efficiently. Split bill capabilities allow employees to create separate checks for smooth sales that get golfers quickly back to their game.

Reward Customer Loyalty

When you invest in your course, your staff and your golf course software, you’ll develop a base of loyal members. Reward them by sending credits and discounts. Your golf POS software stores transaction histories and tallies loyalty points to automate rewards. Use reporting capabilities to analyze what works to create even more success. success-1203.htm provate-club/ management-could- do-better- 15951.htm