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How to Evaluate Customer Experience Tech for Golf

What to Use (And Why)

As we’ve constantly reminded you, so much of customer satisfaction is based in the interpersonal interactions that happen all around the course.

Technology is opening up new understanding on how to deliver a high-quality customer experience, and that technology is even reaching the golf industry. But… it seems like every day a new golf tech company pops up, and navigating the maze of offerings can be overwhelming.

Below are four of our favorite customer experience software companies that are specifically focused on helping golf courses improve their guest experiences.customer service

Four Top Tools for Evaluating & Improving Guest Experiences

Players 1st

https://www.plaPlayers 1st is a player insights app that collects customer satisfaction data through short, automated surveys sent to players’ phones. That data is then compiled in an easy-to-understand dashboard, accessible from the foreUP software, which automatically tracks things like your NPS and customer suggestions.

One thing that really sets Players 1st apart is its dashboard, previously mentioned. There are a lot of services that offer ways to send your players surveys, but that data is useless without a dashboard like Players 1st. What’s more, the software was designed with golf courses in mind, so you don’t have to worry about adaptability.


eWORDofMOUTH is a loyalty rewards software. It’s pretty straightforward: you create a promotion, and eWORDofMOUTH will automatically generate a time-sensitive promo code that you can send to your customers to use. The code and the resultant transaction are easily tracked in your tee sheet software, which means that you can effectively manage your promotions.


An extremely robust texting automation software, Golfpay allows golfers to reserve tee times, check in, pay (through previously established payment types), order from the Bev Cart, and do a live chat with the Pro Shop.

This helps you keep tabs on your players for the 4 hours that they’re not in front of you, but when they may be the most frustrated.

eGull Golf

eGull allows golfers to play on their own time; rather than spending a full 2 hours on 9 holes or even more for 18, eGull allows them to select the amount of holes they want to play and only pay for that amount. This gives golfers a great amount of control over their time and leaves them feeling satisfied, not gypped.


The golf industry is exploding with new technology, much of it relating to guest experience. The four companies listed above are some of the best, but there is a much wider variety of software that can be explored and implemented in your club.