Golfpay Web Chat FAQ: Free for foreUP Users

What do your customers want? More time to golf, right? A new partnership between Golfpay and foreUP puts all the tools your customer needs right in the palm of their hands to make organizing a day at the links quicker and easier.

The partnership marries foreUP’s powerful club management software with a cutting-edge communications and commerce platform to bring your customers the very best in service and convenience. Your customers will sing your praises when you give them the tools to spend more time doing what they love.

What is Golfpay?

Much more than just webchat, Golfpay is robust, golf-specific omni-channel communication software that delivers an unparalleled customer experience. Golfpay is designed to increase the number of customer interactions to ramp up the total number of reservations and drive revenue. At the same time Golfpay increases efficiency, it decreases the amount of time staff spends on simple tasks, such as reserving tee times, which lowers costs and gives staff more time to provide valuable customer service.

How does the customer benefit?


Often forced to deal with the golf industry’s slow-to-adapt businesses and antiquated systems, your customers will immediately see the benefits of Golfpay’s powerful software.

Golfpay makes it much easier to check in, reserve tee times, order from the beverage cart, automated chat or live text live with the pro shop, and make payments. That means more time playing and less time waiting in line to talk with a course representative.

With the power of Golfpay and foreUP in the palm of their hands, customers can take care of all their administrative duties from home or even on the way to the club. On the course, the golfer’s time is still quiet and relaxed, but a beverage from the cart or a chat with the pro shop is just as far away as their mobile device.

How does the golf course benefit?

The partnership of Golfpay and foreUP doesn’t only benefit the customer — it provides huge benefits to country clubs and resorts, as well. All the information that’s coming through the Golfpay platform is moving automatically into foreUP’s POS management systems.

Integration means your management system is setting up reservations, answering customers’ questions, filling orders, and taking payments — all without your staff having to lift a finger. Your labor costs are reduced, efficiency is increased, and customer service is improved through smart innovation. Increased automation means your staff has more time to concentrate on creating the best customer experience possible.

What about the free stuff?

To celebrate this match made in heaven, Golfpay is giving foreUP clients its webchat bot absolutely free. That’s a $250/month value for your brand, but it represents much more to your customers. The bot provides a 24/7 concierge service that provides all the information they need about your resort.

Much more than a generic bot, Golfpay’s webchat app is configured to your presets during installation to provide customized answers to your customers’ specific questions about your resort.

How do I set up Golfpay’s webchat bot?

Activation of Golfpay’s webchat bot is simple. Just go into the App Store from the menu in your foreUP account. Find Golfpay and choose “Activate.” Once activated, a representative from Golfpay will contact you in 48-72 hours. Golfpay will then send you a questionnaire to customize your chatbot. Once your answers are submitted, the chatbot will be installed on your site and your customers will have access to your automated customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You already knew the benefits of foreUP’s golf management software. But did you know the huge benefit it could provide you and your customer when paired with Golfpay’s powerful text app? The beauty of this partnership is how well the two components work together. Don’t take our word for it, though. Sign up for Golfpay and take advantage of one of its most powerful features absolutely free, for a lifetime of benefit to your business and your customers.