Golf Inc Strategies Summit 2018

The golf industry is abuzz right now, because in about a week, the Golf Inc Strategies Summit will begin in Carlsbad, California. What are they talking about? Why are they so excited? And what will be happening at the summit?

GolfIncSummit18-Email-Header1What is the Summit?

The Golf Inc Summit is an annual event where shakers and movers in the golf industry connect, share ideas, and promote their vision for the future of the game. This year’s docket includes (among others):

  • Erik Anderson, Chairman of TopGolf
  • David Pillsbury, CEO of ClubCorp
  • Rand Jerris, Managing Director of Public Services, USGA
  • Steve Skinner, CEO of KemperSports

What’s in it for me?

The Golf Inc Summit offers three main benefits:

1. Hear from Industry Leaders

  1. In addition to the above speakers, there are over 70 other invited speakers, all of whom are leaders in their own right in the golf industry. Attending will expose you to the most cutting-edge practices of the best in the industry.

2. Networking

  1. Whether you’re running a B2B golf business or are a course manager, this event will allow you to make meaningful connections with the speakers. Golf Inc even provides networking ambassadors to facilitate connections.

3. Organized, High-Quality Content

  1. Gone are the days of thumbing through endless pages of session schedules. Golf Inc organizes the sessions into 3 tracks, making it easy for you to attend the most relevant presentations.

What are the session tracks?

As mentioned above, there are 3 tracks that you can follow to ensure that you get the best information for your business. They are Public Course Operations, Investor Strategies and Private Club Operations

Public Course Operations

This track gives you tools on how to build your course’s brand, make your course pop, and attract millenials. It will give you insights on the growing importance of Big Data and its role in marketing, and open your eyes to simple ways to generate instant revenue, optimize your operations, and manage your revenue.

Investor Strategies

Learn the best practices of investing in the golf world, including using predictive analysis for public courses, planning with the exit in mind, and how to create a strategy for a private course. Discover what the golf course of the future will look like and hear the advice of the top investors in golf.

Private Club Operations

Learn the emerging trends in private clubs, what the modern club looks like, and how to set yourself apart in a crowded industry. Engage in an expert-led discussion on how to maximize profits at your course, and gain strategies for member retention.


Catch us there

Want to learn about the future? Big Data is transforming entire industries, and though its full effect hasn’t quite been felt in the golf world, it is making a slow but powerful entry. Hear how it can revolutionize your marketing efforts from a panel that includes our very own Amy LaVange, Director of Marketing.

Still not convinced?

Did we mention this whole thing is taking place in Carlsbad, California, a gorgeous resort town known for its phenomenal food, excellent wines, and unparalleled beaches? Plus, its only minutes away from the legendary Aviara Resort. Join us there for an unforgettable experience!