Building your bulletproof social media strategy

Golf Course Marketing – Golf Hashtags

The holidays are over, and with them, most of the more straightforward opportunities we have as marketers to drive traffic to our businesses. We all dream of an unimpeachable, permanently-effective social media strategy that’s more than simply capitalizing seasonal themes as they roll by. So where to start?

How do we achieve long-term social media success?

As attractive as the idea of a cut-and-dry, one-and-done strategy is for your social accounts, it’s not realistic. Social media growth requires constant re-evaluation, staying on top of trends, an effective brand voice, and consistent monitoring of your industry’s social space. An excellent way to lay the foundation for compelling, relevant content is to regularly conduct a social media audit. 

What is a social media audit?

Auditing the social media space can come in a few different forms. You can check out your specific presence, the general presence of your industry, or an individual golf hashtag or search term. Within each of those categories there are plenty of subsets of data or analytics you can dive into. The general rule involves laying out all of your social accounts and looking into the engagement each different platform generates.

While it is possible to do a social media audit by hand (we recommend being prepared to part with lots of free time if you’re going to take this approach), nowadays there are lots of automated options, many of which offer free versions (with limited features.)

Diving into these analytics will help you understand what accounts are most useful for each kind of content, as well as highlighting how you can increase your organic reach using hashtags.

Okay, this is getting complicated. Can’t you just tell me which golf hashtags to use?

Since you’re busy behind the scenes of your course and may not have time to dive into the dizzying world of social media, we’ve compiled a list of top performing golf hashtags in the current social-sphere and segmented them into platform type for your convenience. 


Facebook’s Top 20 Golf Hashtags  (top to bottom, left to right)

#golfing #golflove #golfgods #golfgear #golfishard
#golflovers #playgolf #golflessons #golftip #golfcarts
#golfinstruction #golfday #golfclubs #golfbag #golfplayers
#golfgame #golfcoach #golfballs #golfisgreat #golfingtrip

Instagram’s Top 20 Golf Hashtags (top to bottom, left to right)

#golf #golfaddict #golfersofinstagram #golfswag #golfshot
#golfcourse #golftips #instagolf #golfcoach #golfday
#golfswing #golfstagram #instagolfer #golfislife #instagolfing
#golflife #golfpro #instagolftips #instagolfers #golfacademy

Tiktok’s Top 20 Golf Hashtags (top to bottom, left to right)

#golfer #golfshot #golfcoursephotos #golfcourses #golfingirls
#golfisfun #golferslife #golfplayer #golfcourseview #golftrainingaids
#golfclub #golfaddicts #golftraining #golfplayers #golfingworld
#golftime #golflesson #golftrainingaid #golfmemories #golfholic


Hopefully this quick overview of social media auditing and useful golf hashtags assists you in expanding your online presence. There is an entire world to be uncovered in social media marketing, and we assure you that though these hashtags are useful, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Effective online marketing generally takes a dedicated individual, if not an entire team.

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