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Features of a Golf Management System: foreUP Competitor Charts

We claim the following as a key differentiator of foreUP: The functionality of the foreUP software is much greater than other providers in the golf industry, without adding complexity and difficulty for users.

We get feature suggestions from our clients every day. Our product team carefully reviews incoming requests, putting them through a process of research & prioritization based on the needs of our courses. As a result, foreUP’s platform has a wide range of tools that are specifically designed to meet course needs the most effectively.

Take a look at the tables below to review specific features that have been added to enhance the functionality of our base modules and make it easier for you to run a successful course.

Please note: We take pride in our ethical business practices and relationships. We’ve created these comparisons carefully to provide only the most accurate information. To the extent that we are able to identify exact functionality for Teesnap, the information on the following tables is up to date (April 2019.) To report an inaccuracy, please email and we’ll address it immediately. 

Public Course Operators

One of the biggest differences for public courses is that foreUP can be used on any device—desktop computer, laptop, iPad, tablet, & mobile—whereas Teesnap users can only use iPads. While iPad functionality works fine for most day-to-day operations, a tablet doesn’t cut it when you need to pull up complex reports or quickly download an Excel file.

Public Golf Courses
Private/Semi-Private Courses

For private and semi-private clubs, membership management is often the most time-consuming and frustrating task. This is why a robust membership module, like foreUP’s Billing Premier, is so vital for these courses. Teesnap does a good job of providing some basic necessities, but Billing Premier was designed to be your one-stop destination for member billing and includes integrated ACH payments, a member portal, automated finance charges, and member communication.

Private Golf Courses

Multi-Course Operations

Probably the most crucial difference between Teesnap and foreUP in this regard is their inventory tracking software. With foreUP, not only can you easily track your inventory in the fully-integrated system, but you can perform inventory audits at the click of a barcode scanner (seriously!) All you have to do is scan your items’ barcodes, and foreUP will automatically justify the inventory records in the software and point out any discrepancies. For large multi-course operators, this is essential in order to keep effective records.

Multi-Course Operators

Heavy Food and Beverage Usage

Not every course has a bar, restaurant, or other type of large-scale F&B operation. But, when they do, it can be difficult to find a software that has everything they need especially if they want it integrated seamlessly with their other business software tools. As you’ll see below, foreUP can perform complex operations like creating recipes based on current inventory, integrating US Foods/Cisco ordering from the software, and fully-customizable quick buttons.

Golf Food and Beverage - Club

What Do You Think?

So, is foreUP really an all-in-one golf software provider? We’ll let you be the judge. If you want to find out for yourself how foreUP maintains its claim as an “all-in-one” provider, get in contact with one of our employees and take a demo today.

Have a question about why we’ve chosen some of the features listed above? We’d love to talk about it! Email and we’ll get you in touch with a product expert.