Electronic Tee Time Software at a Glance

Time for Tee Time Software?

It can take a substantial amount of time and investigation to thoroughly review a new Tee Time Software option, so to make the search a little easier here is a quick overview of a few of the notable features that foreUP’s Tee Time Software has to offer:

Access Your Software Anywhere
foreUP’s cloud-based tee sheet software gives you the ability to access your tee time software from anywhere, at any time–all you need is a device with access to the internet (you can even use your mobile phone’s hotspot!)

The ability to access business reports and find important course information after hours or when away from the course can prevent a lot of headaches. That’s why your foreUP tee sheet uses cloud-technology. Course managers can make scheduling and marketing decisions by accessing their electronic tee sheet wherever they are.

No need to do a local install or update of the tee time software; all updates and new features are available simply upon refreshing the page. No download time or extra cost necessary.

Sync Your Tee Sheet With Online Booking
The entire reservation process is automated, keeping the number of employee hours spent on reservations to a minimum. As golfers go online to select an available tee time, booking and customer information is automatically imported and visible in your foreUP Tee Time Software.

For multiple courses under the same umbrella, foreUP tee time software allows central management to access the electronic tee sheet of any of their multiple courses in order to streamline bookings and encourage golfers to schedule immediately at your alternative course rather than loosing their business.

Tee Time Reservation Confirmation and Cancellation
One of the biggest time-savers in the golf industry has been trend from phone-call reservations to online reservations.

It is important that a golfer who chooses to book online can easily be reminded of the reservation details that will automatically sync with the tee time software.

foreUP tee time software will not only send a detailed confirmation email to a golfer upon making a reservation, but within the confirmation email there is also an option for the golfer to make a cancellation without the need to contact the course or generate a new email.

This feature keeps course employees from having to take phone calls and drastically decreases the number of no-shows, freeing tee times for more golfers.

Many More Tee Sheet Software Features Worth Noting

foreUP tee time software has many extra tools for making your tee sheet reservations as effective as possible.

  • Regular scheduled events such as league play or tournaments can be repeated throughout the year eliminating the need to manually block off those tee times each time you hold the regular event.
  • Drag and drop tee times allow you to easily move bookings around – this is especially advantageous with touch screens!
  • With foreUP tee time software you are able to color-code different pricing grades and categories for your golfers allowing you to analyze at a glance which golfer-type is using which tee time. This is a valuable tool for evaluating how to make adjustments to maximize revenue.
  • Sunrise-Sunset automation will populate the current sunrise and sunset times for your specific location, preventing tee times from being scheduled too early or late – and maximizing the # of tee times you schedule every day.
  • Send one-to-one text messages to players right from the tee sheet. Need to call them to the tee box or tell them to speed up their pace of play? Two Way Texting from the tee sheet makes that a breeze.
  • Lastly, communicate with your golfers without having to leave the tee time software at all through the post-to-FaceBook integrated window found right on the side menu of the foreUP tee sheet.

Want to give it a try? Tee sheets are simple to set up (and even simpler to use.) Our consultants can walk you through the ins and outs so you can see the difference for yourself! Call 800-675-0422 to speak to a consultant right away