Golf Customer Communication Webinar

With so many things to do at the counter, it can be hard to remember to collect your customers’ emails and phone numbers. But these points of data are crucial for successful marketing, because, simply put, you can’t do a whole lot of it without a phone number or email.


That’s why we’re focusing on customer connections in this month’s Webinar Wednesday. “Connecting with Your Customers: How it Will Make or Break Your Course.”

We’ll present industry best practices for staying in contact with and marketing to your customers. We’ll also have Q&A sessions with customer experience experts in the golf industry from Gallus Golf and Players 1st.

Tips & Tricks: Using foreUP to Market to Customers

Reggie Collins, one of foreUP’s longest-tenured employees, will share his experience in helping numerous courses over the years implement systems for communicating with customers. He tells us, “The courses that are thriving are the courses that stay in contact with their customers, and understand how to use the data they collect from those customers.” Join Reggie, as he breaks down some of the successful strategies courses are using.

– Learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in marketing to customers

– Get tips for collecting customer data and interpreting it to create a well-structured and complete marketing strategy, including customer segmentation

–  See how to use email and text marketing to entice customers to come to your club or course

Q&A: Industry Expertise with Gallus Golf & Players 1st

In addition to the foreUP training, two industry experts will be joining us. Rob Hoffman of Gallus Golf and Peter Smith from Players 1st spend most of their days implementing and understanding customer experience strategies. They will be sharing some of their expertise with us in an FAQ session, where they will walk through the most common questions they face as they help courses interact and market to customers.

This webinar is ideal for managers who want to take their marketing efforts to the next level, or for those who just want to stay in better contact with their customers. By understanding the importance of customer data and the details of how to collect it, you will be able to implement a marketing strategy that will improve your customers’ experience and create sustainable revenue for your course.