golf marketing software

Benefits of Golf Marketing Software


Marketing your golf course is an integral part of your business. When done correctly, it allows you to promote low used tee times and build strong communication channels with your existing customers. A powerful marketing campaign can also bring an influx of new clients which maximizes your revenue.

Recent studies show that text messaging is one of the most popular and powerful marketing channels. On average, 94% of all text messages are read, and 80% of consumers have their mobile phone with them all day. In fact, 39% of US consumers would opt for text messages rather than radio or TV advertising, if they were given a choice.

With foreUP’s built-in golf marketing tools you can use text messaging to send out promotions and drive huge revenues to your course. You can also use text messages to send out reminders of events, leagues, and tournaments to ensure repeat business and decrease the amount of “no shows.”

Your messages will be read almost instantly thanks to high open and read rates, and you can easily create and send messages within minutes.

foreUP’s text marketing features include:

  • Full-Integration into CRM: All phone numbers stored within the customer database are streamlined into the text marketing tool so you can have all your clients in one centralized place.
  • Targeted Marketing: You can create different groups of your clients such as leagues, associations, etc. and choose to send texts to a particular group  or to everyone in your client database. Texts can include promotions, reminders, and updates in your golf course marketing campaigns and any other custom message.
  • Easy-to-Use Message Entry: Type in a message within seconds.
  • Auto Send Dates: Texts have the option for designated send dates, or can be sent immediately.

Start your free trial today and experience the full power of our golf course marketing software. Reach customers in seconds, maximize your revenue, and fill up those empty tee slots today.


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