9 Examples of Golf Courses Nailing It At Halloween

Not many things are more fun than golfing, so it’s especially exciting when you get to go a little overboard in the name of holiday celebrations at the course.

We’re lucky enough to have incredible relationships with creative courses all over the world, so we didn’t have to look far (or think too hard) to find some great Halloween-y ideas. Who said marketing your golf course isn’t fun? Try the clever things listed below!

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Halloween Costumes 

While we’re not sure this first example is the sort of handicap you usually want when golfing, costumes are the biggest part of Halloween. As impressive as this foursome is, costume-clad Halloween golf scrambles aren’t without the potential of frustration, as costumes don’t tend to be very conducive or practical to swinging a club.


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Team Surgeons ! Halloween golf Scramble! ️‍♀️⛳️ #autumn #halloween #halloweengolf

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Tip: While costumes can be awfully tricky when golfing, they are a no-brainer for your course staff  during the holiday.

Golf themed costumes receive bonus points, but remember that you can only dress as a PGA Pro if you are:

A) NOT a PGA Pro

B) An undead PGA Pro

C) An actually dead famous PGA Pro

Social Opportunities

It can be hard to know what to post on your social account to engage with your followers. Fortunately, the holidays offer plenty of festive posting potential.


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Happy Halloween! —————– www.digitalgolfpass.com – Golf more. Pay less. 

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Tip: Don’t just make them laugh while they scroll, get them to engage with you. Suggest something like:

a. 10% off for the best Halloween joke.

b. Buy one get one round free for the best caption to a Halloween photo posted by course on social.

c. 20% off in the pro shop for the best photo taken and tagged at the course

Pumpkin Carving Contests

Of course, golf-themed Jack-o’-lanterns should always get extra points at any contest put on by a golf course. Whether the contest is a take-a-picture sort, a drop-your-pumpkin-off kind, or part of the festivities at your Halloween party in the clubhouse, be sure to have an example or two of your own to get their creative juices flowing.



Tip: When hosting competitions like this, try to get local businesses to sponsor your event by donating prizes in return for marketing opportunities.

Tip: Don’t forget to decorate the course for your contest! Some good ideas for decor are at the bottom of this email, so you can get your mind rolling for 2018.

Event Swag

This course titled their Halloween golf event, “Birdies & Boos”. Rather than having guests come dressed in their own Halloween garb, they gave out shirts to all players in the tournament.

Of course, some people aren’t happy with the minimum, and insist on adding a bit of costumed flair in the way of headgear.

Tip: Make whatever article of themed gear you choose a functional enough piece that it acts as extra marketing for your course. In this example, the shirt will likely be worn many times, and draw attention with every wear!

Clever Halloween Events

Clever Halloween Events

It’s not everyday you get to throw events at your course that can be as silly or crazy as you can imagine.  Whether the golfing was actually “haunted” or not, this event announcement is spot-on for engaging viewers & generating excitement.

Tip: Remember that not all golfers are fans of Halloween, and some of those who like the holiday don’t care to be frightened by zombies popping out of the rough. Be cautious and know your audience; no use in driving more business if you alienate the existing guests.

Another Idea: Trick-or-Tee-ing!

Why not make your party a family event? Do a little trunk or treat at each hole, or–if you don’t want to ruin the game for your other guests—stick to actual trunks or clubhouse trick-or-teeing.

Adults only trick-or-tee-ing? Give out tees and ball markers instead of candy!

Remember: No matter the event, don’t forget to add your theme to all marketing materials like your paperwork, invitations, signage, social posts, etc.

Halloween Games

This adorable idea is a great option for courses that don’t have time or resources for a big holiday themed event. Fortunately, a giant mouth is pretty simple to carve, so a little putting game is easy and fun.

Another Idea: Try a chipping competition into a witch’s pot down on the practice green. Get local businesses to sponsor your mini-game by donating prizes or services to anyone who gets a hole-in-one.

Family Events

Every golfer wants to instill their love of the game in their kids, and what better way to do that than getting them to the golf course for Halloween? Plus, family-friendly Halloween activities can be a little hard to find,  so events like these will be welcomed by parents.

Tip: Have plenty of candy for the kiddos. If you’re doing the event before Halloween, consider having them do something to get the candy, like make a little paper pumpkin that you can use to decorate the clubhouse to show golfers that you’re invested in the community.

Punny Golf

Punny Event Titles & Terms

Include puns in your events or daily deals! There are many fun ideas for adding “punny” aspects to your holiday marketing.

For example, carnival can become carn-evil, alcoholic beverages can be boos instead of booze, sand traps are now quicksand traps. Golfers beware!

One More Tip: Do a quick search for trending hashtags; even if golfers aren’t in your area, your website will benefit from improved search optimization & ranking with every click you get to the site.

Ready to Party?

While we’re running out of time for 2017, start thinking of fun things to do next year when Halloween rolls around. Here are a few ideas for decorating that can be done whether or not you host a big event.

It’s important to keep in mind that, while everyone on your course is likely a huge fan of the game, they’re not all necessarily a fan of the holiday. Therefore, keep decorations to a minimum when it comes to interfering with game play.

  • Randomly placed skeletons are a great idea for course decor. Bonus points for originality, like hands sticking out of the ground or hanging from trees.
  • Non-intrusive decor like hanging spiders or bats from flag pins
  • Jack-o-Lanterns at each tee with a Halloween riddle
  • Don’t have time for full-course decor? Just decorate the starter’s booth! Cobwebs, bats, zombies–if you’re only decorating one hole, make it good.
  • Spooky carts are a fun and non-intrusive way to add festivity as well. Get creative, or stick to cobwebs & spiders.