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8 Ways to Find New Help

So it’s time to hire new staff for your golf business—where do you start? Do you post the listing on one page of your website, or post a physical sign at your course? You may find that with methods like these, you’ll be waiting much longer than anticipated to receive applications.

Maybe your current approaches aren’t providing the response you wanted, or maybe you’re just unsure where to start at all. We’ve got you covered with eight methods that can help you find quality individuals who that would be a great fit for your course staff.

Place a pop-up on your homepage

The truth for most websites is that the homepage or main landing page will always receive the most traffic. While your website may have a “Help Wanted” page, it won’t get views if it’s hard to find or inaccessible. Instead, add a pop-up to your homepage, so that every visitor has no choice but to see your openings.

Advertise through email

If you have effective email communication happening already, you’ve got a solid network of customers to reach out to. Consider simply adding it as a footnote on all of your emails, regardless of the topic. You can also try a targeted email campaign with the main message being an attempt to inform about the openings on the course. Even if your golfers aren’t interested in the positions, it’s possible highly likely that they’ll have friends or family they can spread the word to.

Utilize employee referrals

Employee referrals may be your best resource when it comes to finding new team members, especially if you already have staff that you know and trust. According to research, referral hires have the highest retention rate and can be extremely beneficial to your company’s diversity. Encourage your employees to recruit friends and colleagues who that they think would be a good fit for the job—the quality of staff might surprise you.

Share your company culture on social media

The idea behind this is simple: if your company culture is desirable, you’ll receive more applicants. A great way to show the world how great it is to work at your course is through social media. Try collecting employee testimonials, explaining any benefits your employees receive, or simply showing what a day in the life looks like for your staff.

Create a recruitment video

Beyond just sharing your company culture, you can use social media to run a recruitment video campaign. Filming a video doesn’t have to be complicated; explain what you’re looking for, what’s great about your course, and include any other pertinent information. Then, put it on your company social media and consider paying to promote the video as an advertisement in order to broaden its reach.

Recruit college students

If you’re near a university or college, it’s likely that the school has a program that helps students find jobs. Consider reaching out to the campus employment office to get your listing included when students inquire about jobs. Working at a course could be very valuable experience for a lot of students, especially those interested in hospitality, business operations, or even landscape design and management.

Host an open house

When it comes to holding an open house, you have a few options. You could conduct open interviews or group interviews where applicants simply bring in a resume and sit for an interview. Or you could hold an informational open house, allowing interested parties to learn more about the position and its requirements, as well as drop off a resume or application. With this method, the response is unpredictable, but it may bring in a candidate you wouldn’t have heard from otherwise.

Post on job websites

Using sites like Indeed or LinkedIn can be a great tool in casting a wide recruitment net. These sites can show you a wealth of information about an applicant, like their experience, education, and skills. However, these sites are generally used by older, more experienced individuals, so consider whether your job posting would be appropriate for the setting.

Finding new staff that is a good fit for your course can be a daunting task. But with the right resources and guidance, you’ll find excellent candidates for any opening your business has.

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