5 Signs You Need an F&B Software

There is a growing trend in the golf world of courses adding an F&B operation to their offering. This could happen for any number of different reasons, from growth due to good business to a desire to raise profitability.

Whatever the reason, taking on F&B is no small task, and many times golf managers find themselves frustrated at the lack of tools they have to make their operation run more smoothly.

A friend in the industry might recommend getting an F&B software to help out, but they’re just not sure it’s right for their course. If you’re one of those whose undecided, here are 5 signs it’s time to buy an F&B software.

1. You Have Tables Where Customers EatLakeside Golf Course - eat UP

Before you brush this one off as overly obvious, consider that some golf courses and clubs sell food but don’t have tables. Courses like that have significantly fewer needs when it comes to F&B because they are not having to buss and serve tables, and keep track of which orders go where.

Having an F&B software like foreUP to run your operation can help you easily make orders from the tableside. It also makes it simple to keep track of tables and service.

For all those reasons listed above, if you have tables where you serve food, getting an F&B software would be extremely useful.

2. You Need To Send Items To the Kitchen

With an advanced F&B software, orders can not only be sent to the kitchen from the table, but they can be sent to different printers. For example, you can get the drink orders printed off at the bar, but send the entree items to the grill for immediate preparation.

This saves enormous amounts of time in the ordering process, and saves the waiters from having to memorize or write down everybody’s orders and possibly mess something up in the process.

3. Your Customers Want to Modify Their Order or Get SidesforeUP Food and Beverage

No matter how many condiments you have, or how good your cook is, customers will inevitably want something on their burger to be different. A good F&B system will allow you to easily set up common modifications to orders, like degrees of doneness in a steak or onions on a burger.

In a similar vein, an F&B software will automatically have the sides associated with the entree on the tab, making it very simple for your waiter to make the order.

4. You Need Meal Course Firing

If people like to stay long for drinks or if you need to speed up or slow down the pace of dining, you can do meal course firing, which essentially means that you can send different courses to the kitchen at different times.

For example, say the customer ordered drinks, salad, and an entree. You can send the drinks to the bar and the salad to the kitchen at the same time, but if you can tell the drinks will take a little longer because the bartender is swamped, you can hold off on sending the entree until the drinks are ready.

5. You Need to Split ChecksFAndB_sleepyRidge

A top-line F&B system makes it very simple to split checks, which despite being a very common request can be very confusing and time-consuming for a waiter without F&B software.

The software will automatically split the bill and calculate the new tip and tax automatically for each tab.

Do You Need F&B Software?

Did any of the signs above ring true for you? If they did, then F&B software might be just the thing you need for your club or course. foreUP’s newly-updated F&B module is one of the industry’s most popular, and its new design makes it perfect for any size of operation.

For more information about foreUP’s software, please contact us.