3 Benefits of Online Tee Time Reservations

In today’s day and age, where people are increasingly relying on online services, not having an online tee time reservations option means you are missing out on a lot of revenue.

The Benefits of Online Tee Time Reservations

Providing your customers with the ability to book online and manage their tee time from the comfort of their homes is vital to growing your business.

There are these three benefits to investing in an online tee time management solution you should consider if you are on the fence about taking the plunge.

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1. Simplified Booking Process

Giving your customers the ability to book and manage their tee time online means they can do it whenever it’s convenient for them – from the comfort of their home, on their commute or during their lunch break. Since the entire process happens online, it also means they can book a tee time on your golf course no matter which device they happen to use and they don’t have to set aside a specific time to do it.

2. Information is Readily Available

Having an online tee time management software, means all of the important information is readily available to your customers – even when your club closes for the day and you are not there to provide that information. Moreover, online solution means you can stay in touch with your customers easily and notify them about upcoming events, special promotions and targeted offers.

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3. It’s Easy to Sell Spare or Cancelled Tee Times

With an online tee time reservations solution it’s easy to get an overview of sold out time slots and time slots which are still available and offer them to your customers. It also means that if a customer needs to cancel their booked time, you can instantly put that time slot as available online giving other customers a chance to book it. This naturally leads to increased revenue which is always a good thing.

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