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Welcome to 2022: A Guide to Partners for Your Season

Across the United States, golf courses and clubs are in the process of preparing for another exciting golf season. This period can be stressful and overwhelming, but having the right tools and resources in your corner can all but guarantee your success in this upcoming season.

If you’re looking for a pre-season guide that includes best practices and a checklist for your course’s preparedness, head to our Start of the Season Guide Blog

Your course doesn’t have to stand alone as you face the challenges of a new season. When your business gets involved with the right partners, you’ll be able to get back to the game you love.

The foreUP Partner Guide

We’re highlighting six of foreUP’s available partner integrations that courses like yours have had tremendous success using. These providers offer different services and all integrate seamlessly with foreUP, giving you the flexible options that your unique course needs most. 

gallus golf

Gallus Golf: Attracting and Retaining Golfers

Gallus Golf has over 10 years of experience in the golf industry and has spent that time creating and improving its powerful technology that improves the experience between golfer and golf course. Gallus clients consistently attract more customers and retain them longer, while end-users experience golf that is more fun, engaging, and social.

Gallus Golf features:

  • Immediate messaging to customers through push notifications, geofence messages, and app content
  • Interactive scoring
  • Golf games: Skins, Stableford, Par, Stroke Scoring
  • GPS – for both course and driving range
  • Golfer profiles with automatic stats tracker
  • Hole descriptions and course tours
  • Live tournaments and leaderboards
  • Food & Beverage menu and mobile ordering


EventPro360: Customizable Event Management

EventPro360 is a cloud-based event solution that offers full calendar display of ALL club events and activities offering as the centerpiece of everything occurring at the club for the team to view and manage. EventPro360 offers an affordable, easy-to-use, and fully customizable event solution.

EventPro360 features:

  • Customize event documents: contracts, invoices, BEO’s, etc. 
  • Customize all food, beverage menus & all charge items
  • Contact management for task reminders and inter-system communication
  • Integrated website event request feature
  • Reporting and marketing capabilities
  • Easy, professional client document signing

sagacity golf

Sagacity: Boosting Revenue with Demand-Based Pricing

With Sagacity, add Demand-Based Pricing to your foreUP Tee Sheet and unlock new revenue 24/7. Its patent-pending TruDemand Technology increases revenue by optimizing all your tee time rates based on your historical data, current bookings, and market demand. Automatically earn more from your most popular hours and quickly sell off rounds at risk, so your bookings stay on track — while freeing up more time in your day.

Sagacity features:

  • Earn more revenue from popular hours.
  • When demand for an hour is higher than your capacity, you have the power to raise the price. Forecaddie automatically squeezes additional revenue out of your most popular hours by raising rates when you have the demand. You authorize the amount of increase. 
  • Never worry about the whitespace on your tee sheet again; Forecaddie tracks your bookings and identifies future hours that aren’t filling up like they should, based on your historical demand. These hours are intelligently promoted and sold directly to your customers via our website widget. 
  • Market and sell daily deals to customers under your own brand. Forecaddie includes everything you need to create your own direct-to-consumer strategy, including a booking engine, website widget, text club, mobile app, and Instagram ads.

GolfBack: Drive Revenue Without Third Parties

GolfBack provides a contained ecosystem of technology and marketing products solely focused on driving revenue through your business, eliminating third parties forever. All this while delivering unique features that add value to golfers. GolfBack clients get access to advanced marketing communications that deliver the content they want when they want it.

GolfBack features:

  • Boost direct revenue with advanced dynamic pricing and unique marketing capabilities 
  • Easily match your pricing to meet the demand for your product 
  • Know your booking window and price your inventory to match customers’ buying behaviors 
  • Control your pricing based on a weather forecast system that updates every 15 minutes

Slate Golf

Slate: Integrated, Customizable Mobile Apps

Slate Golf Apps provides golf courses with a customizable and brand-consistent mobile application. The mobile apps are deeply integrated into your foreUP system, making it the most turn-key solution available, with little to no additional effort on your part. These apps are built with both the course operator and golfer in mind, making it a win-win for everyone involved. 

Slate features:

  • Build your brand with easy customization
  • Super intuitive dashboard
  • 24/7 tee time reservations
  • News Feed for your golfers
  • Loyalty and reward programs
  • Automatically gather feedback
  • Google Reviews on autopilot
  • Decrease no-shows with automatic push notifications 

Yellow Dog: Powerful Inventory Services

Yellow Dog is an intuitive yet functionally deep inventory management package that controls the entire life cycle of your product: from creation, to order and receipt, to sale. Yellow Dog is ideal for retailers with advanced needs, multi-course operations, operators with both retail and F&B, and more.

Yellow Dog features:

  • Centrally manage all items, report all sales, and provide warehouse/transfer abilities
  • Keep track of multiple item types
  • Complete purchasing workflow
  • Detailed replenishment
  • Customizable security
  • Worksheet functionality to perform transfers, replenishment, and production across ALL stores at once
  • 100% customizable barcode printing on any media
  • Mobile apps for physical inventory process
  • Robust physical process with control/variance tracking throughout
  • 280+ customizable email-ready reports
  • Optional accounting posting

Choosing Your Partners

foreUP knows that every course and club in the industry is unique, with its own distinct needs and challenges. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering thorough, comprehensive solutions that extend beyond our own software offerings. 

At foreUP, we work hand-in-hand with our partners regularly, and we only offer the industry’s best integrations to our clients. Go into the new season with confidence, and with the right partners on your team. 

Want to learn more about foreUP integrated partners? Tell us who you are and we’ll help you find your perfect partner match.