Commonly Asked Questions About New Billing Premier

Q: Why switch when my current system does everything?

A: Unless your old system lets your members set up auto-payments, automatically charges late-paying members, or allows you to send out an invoice any day of the year, then Billing Premier is the answer for you.

Q: Why would I choose ACH over credit card?

A: In the moment, 2% of a credit card transaction might not mean much, but over the year, it adds up. ACH is a flat-rate charge, and in most cases is less than 10 cents.

Q: How long does it take to set up auto-payment?

A: For you, no time at all! That process is completed online by the customer through their online account portal.

Q: Do I pay 1% of every transaction at my course?

A: Nope! You’ll only pay 1% of member bills set to autopay through the ACH. Anything run through the POS will not be charged the 1%.

Q: Will the new price be added onto my current bill?

A: No, the new 49.99/month + 1% of all ACH transactions will replace your current billing cost.

Q: What if I only do one-off invoices?

A: You can quickly create one-off invoices or one-off statements with ease, as well as automatically charge members for late payments.

Q: Do F&B minimums work with the new system?

A: Yes, minimums will work with the new system and require no additional setup on your part.

Billing Premier Features

Finance Charges - Automated Emails - Bulk-edit Templates - ACH - Online Payments
Prorated Billing Periods - In-depth Reports - Custom Invoice Send


Provide the Ultimate Member Experience
An exclusive member portal makes it easy for your members to pay their bills automatically.

Pay Less to Collect More, Automatically.
ACH payments, automated finance charges, and improved reporting lets you get the most out of billing.

Save Time on Routine Tasks
Billing Premier offers many premium functions, including statement emails, finance charges, and reports.

foreUP was a big change for the better. ACH was the #1 request from new members. Paying dues and booking tee-times online have added huge value to our club. We get a laptop out and follow along. They’re set up in 3 minutes.
Rock Creek Rock Creek Country Club
We love the simplicity of the UI and how quick it is to problem-solve and create statements. Our members love the itemized detail on their transactions. We also like the new format. It's clearer and easy to read and understand.
Baywood Country Club – Billing Premier Baywood Country Club
Thanks for taking the time to travel to our facility and train us with your software. I especially like the Member Portal, I think it's a genius feature that every golf facility should have. It gives our members quick access to their accounts which will, in turn, save us time on phone inquiries. Keep up the good work!
The Sawmill Golf Course Allan Fernandez | Saginaw, MI