foreUp Cloud Based Technology

“Cloud-based” is a loaded term. What does it even mean?

We’re ready to answer that question. Check out the FAQ here.

Cloud Benefits

  • No need for servers or a “black box”
  • Accessible through any computer, laptop, phone, or iPad
  • Automatic backups of your foreUP system
  • Data maintenance and recovery are guaranteed
  • Updates are automatically streamlined into your system

Pricing Benefits

  • No server hardware and maintenance costs
  • Use any computer
  • No hidden fees
  • No software updates costs
  • No management costs

Setup & Training?

  • No need to fly someone out to complete set up and training
  • No need to set up servers or download CDs onto your computer
  • Setup/Training can be done within half a day
  • The most user-friendly interface in the golf industry