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Email Marketing


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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential, easy-to-use tool that drives repeat business to the course. Send out promotions and notifications for upcoming tournaments, leagues, and other events. Email marketing is a for sure way to increase revenues at the course.

  • Drive repeat business to the course and maximize revenues
  • Decrease in “no shows”
  • Powerful communication channel with customers for promotions, updates, and reminders
  • Emails can be crafted and sent within a matter of minutes


  • Full-Integration into CRM: All emails stored within the customer database are streamlined into the email marketing tool
  • Targeted Marketing: Send emails to everyone or specific groups (leagues, associations, etc.) with promotions, reminders, and updates
  • Creative Templates: Choose from various creatively designed email templates to make your campaign look professional
  • Email Creation: A simple, easy-to-use email builder and templates are provided. Emails can be crafted in a matter of minutes
  • Automatic Confirmation Emails: A confirmation email is sent out with every reservation made in the Tee Sheet
  • Auto Send Dates: Emails have the option for designated send dates, or can be sent immediately
  • Unlimited Emails

    Your email campaigns are not limited. Send as many promotions, reminders, and updates that you would like without any added fees

  • Customer Database

    Save and Store all of your customers information. Setup customer groups and do specific target marketing with your email campaigns